Now they are decorators too!

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    Jul 28, 2012
    First of all, my 13 chickens have a screened in area that is about 400 square feet, a small section of it got pretty messy with some recent rainy days that we had.

    I had just done house cleaning on the coop the week before and had completely changed out the hay and had washed out droppings etc. The place was sparkling. We had some torrential downpours a few days in a row and the immediate area outside the door and ramp got very mucky.

    Apparently, they didn't like dragging the mucky mud inside so the little cluckers took half the hay from inside the coop and spread it around the outside.....ta more sludgy mud! Now it seems that as I put hay inside the coop, they bring it outside into their yard! It isn't rainy any more....I don't get it now. Any ideas why they are doing this?
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    All birds make big messes, if your coop was lower than the run, the run's dirt will end up in the coop. LOL

    They are just hunting for junk in the straw, and it'll go where ever they kick it. Fill the run with straw, and they'll probably kick it in the coop. Speaking of muddy re-decorating, I still always laugh when I see poop and mud splashed up onto the ceiling of my once clean 5-7 foot tall coop.

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