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Jun 4, 2011
For the first time, I let a broody hen go ahead and hatch out her clutch. They are now 5 days old and I have them in a small pen away from the rest of the flock (but with mama of course). I figure they will be ok in there for about a week and then I will move them with mama to a larger tractor to give them more room.

The rest of the flock is free-range in the backyard...when can I let mama take her babies and free-range?
They'll stick close to her and she'll show them what to eat and drink.
She may also want to get back to her flock soon. A good broody will fiercely protect the chicks from all comers.
Yep, I'd let her out now. She'll let everyone else know to leave her babies alone and the babies will learn to stay out of the big girls' way. Plus, watching a momma show her babies the yard is just wonderful!

The big hens may give a peck or two to the babies, it's just a "get out of my way you little punk" thing. Littles have to learn respect.

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