NPIP and property tax appraiser


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Aug 28, 2011
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I hope I posted this in the right place:).

I know what NPIP, who to ccall, all that stuff. My question relates to what happened to a friend of mine...

She had a sick bird, a few really, so she called the NPIP guy to come out and inspest her flock in hopes of getting to the bottom of it (she did and alls well now in her coop:))...
Guy comes out does his thing and then the property inspector shows up a few weeks later...ok not weird it happens...she thought maybe her neighbor called as she and said neighbor don't "get along". No one thought anything of it although the PI was pretty inrested in if the coop was movable or buried. Well the NPIP guy had to come back out to retest and her husband was in the process of building and addition to the coop and the base was laying near the coop. NPIP asked what that was and friend said another coop...then NPIP says "Oh will it be a permanent structure?"

Kinda weird. Just an odd comment in both our opinions. She's wondering if the NPIP may be in cohoots with the property tax inspector and giving them calls to inspect when he thinks he sees permanent coops. IDK what do ya'll think? I personally am not worried either way as my coops are all tractors or cages and the two sheds we've added are on blocks therefore not permanent but I have another friend who has an actually in the ground coop/shed and she really wants to get her NPIP but is worried her taxes will go up. She's also added 4 board fencing and other random stuff so I'm sure it would sky rocket
. So anyone else had something like this happen.

What do ya'll think neighbor or NPIP or just crap luck lol.



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Jun 14, 2009
It's increadible that the property tax guys are worried about a chicken coop.

Don't they have better things to do?

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Apr 14, 2011
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It's possible that the two of them are friends, or related.

However, this time of year, I suspect just chance. Almost everywhere the tax assessor sends out inspectors every couple of years to check that the appraisal is correct and to catch people who have built without permits.


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Mar 29, 2010
I'm not sure where you and your friend are located, but when we had our property inspection done here in PA, the vet had to inspect all of our coops and everywhere we kept birds. That is probably why they were asking if it is going to be permanent or movable.


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Aug 28, 2011
Central Florida
Wow she didn't have to do all that. They came out once...took a sick bird for testing and pulled ten samples...3 months later retested and sent her her NPIP card or whatever it is you get when you pass. I can't imagine the PITA to have to get the vet out.

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