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    Please note -

    Just because a hatchery has a NPIP Certificate, that doesnʻt mean that they are bio-secure. It only means that they have passed the testing standard for being pullorum & typhoid free. Numerous other diseases are endemic and can be passed from hen to the chick ova. Hopefully, this results in an immunity for the chick, but often it results in unexplained mortality in your chick orders.

    The industry standard for chick mortality for large hatcheries is 3.2% or roughly one chick out of 35. If you are experiencing higher mortality, especially within the first few days you have the chicks, question the hatchery and demand that they make it right by you.

    Donʻt accept the standard excuse that "they must have been mishandled or chilled by the Post Office". Chicks donʻt "catch cold". They do catch viral and fungal diseases that start with their breeding stock and the hatchery they came from.

    And if you do have a problem, be sure to quarantine the chicks and completely disinfect the brooder afterwards. You donʻt want to be the vector for a re-infection of the replacement order either.

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