NPIP Chicks available week of Fryeburg Fair Maine (first week in October)


7 Years
Jan 1, 2013
I will be in Fryeburg the week of the fair, the first week in october. I have some silkie chicks for sale (NPIP certified state of MA). The majority are blue, a few carry silver partridge genes (1-4wks old). I have more hatching this weekend. I also have a (SQ/BQ) breeding pair of blue/black silkies that I purchased from CJ Exotics (chicks are blue/black splash and silver partridge) . Let me know if anyone is interested.

These chicks are from my quality flock which I started from Catdance, Riverside, Indigo, Golden Egg and a few other breeders.
Can you ship to New Brunswick Canada, it is roughly 7 hours from maine, if you can or can't do this please message me back :).

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