Npip, How Do I Get My Flock Certified?

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  1. Howdy, i see many hatcheries and breeders certified with
    NPIP, I think it has something to do with polerum vaccinations, or the likes.
    can someone please explain this in full to me and tell me what i need to do to become certified also?

    thank so much for your time
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    I would like to know this too.
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    If you go to your Arizona Dept of Agriculture website, you should see a link for that somewhere. NPIP tests for mainly pullorum and typhoid and in some places, Avian Influenza. Cost varies by state. NPIP does not normally test for the most common diseases, like Mycoplasmosis, etc.
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    In NC they will check for just about everything. I had mine tested for Salmonella, pylorrum, microplasms, etc. I also get them tested for viruses. Some states do charge. I paid 5.00 for the testing except the virus testing which is free. gloria Jean
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    Contact your State Agricultural Dept. or State Vet. They will put you in touch with your State Animal Inspector. Here in WV they draw blood once a year with your whole flock to test for pullorum and typhoid. Plus they are throat swabbed for Avian Influenza, then they swab 10 birds every 3 months for the Avian. Our testings are free.
  6. thanks folks! being a 4-H leader, our extension office will be my first stop tomorrow!

    ya'll have a great evening!

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