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    Mar 7, 2017
    Hello, We are NPIP in the state of AL, 64-1661 Chick-A-Dee Hatchery. We have several different breeds to chose from. The following list shows breed, quantity, and price. If you would like to know more about our hatchery, we have a facebook page (ChickADee Hatchery) where some of our customers have left reviews for us. There is also a review about us on Good Egg/Bad Egg. We are definitely a good egg. We also sell on eBay, we have many reviews there as well.
    Australorps - dozen - $10
    Dominiques - dozen - $10
    Easter Eggers - dozen - $10
    Golden Polish - half dozen - $10
    Rhode Island Reds - dozen - $10
    Russian Orloffs - half dozen - $20
    White-Faced Black Spanish - half dozen - $7.50
    Shipping is a flat rate fee, for one dozen to be shipped $13. Half dozen is $10. They are shipped through USPS using Priority.
    Photos added are of parent stock.

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