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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Dancinbaer, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Jul 16, 2013
    Northeast Wisconsin
    Just thought I'd do a little intro. I'm Denny, new to raising ducks. We were given the ducklings at about three weeks old (top pic). So we kept them safe in a garden wagon with a chicken wire cover. They grew like weeds so built them a coop & run (mid pic).
    Like Koa, put them in a bigger environment they grow to match it. At seven weeks (bot pic) ducks and keeper seem to be doing fine.

    We do live in the city of De Pere, Wisconsin, just south of Green Bay. So two ducks are plenty, city allows four without permit. They never really thought much of the coop, at night just put them in the run where they would stay all night. We started out keeping them in the run at night and while we were at work. Then when they were a little bigger left them out all night. After a couple nights decided to just let them free range in the backyard day and night. We keep the door open and I have seen them go in for a couple minutes then turn around and come back out. We have a small koa pond in the backyard they love. That's where they spend all their time. If not in the pond just chillin' along side of it.

    I guess that's enough for now. Would like to hear from other cold weather duck owners on what they do with the ducks in winter. The couple we got these two from keep theirs in the garage but we just don't have the room. I did install a light socket in the coop for a 75-100 watt bulb.

    Finally, I read either on this forum or another forum that someone installed a dog door on the coop. I did and for now just keep the flap up. Just in case they want to go in. Has anyone else used a doggy door? Did you have to "train" the ducks to push the flap to get in?

    Thanks and looking forward to learning from other duck people.


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    Hello Denny, I am Gary and somewhat new myself only had my rouens since September and they were inside last winter. From what I have read books and such and my plan for this coming winter is to just keep them inside their "duck bunker" at night or during bad weather. They say ducks have the best insulation there is. All they need is to be kept out of the wind and elements.

    I just plan on putting a decent amount of shavings in with them but other than that not really changing much. It has the equivalent of T120 board all the way around and decent roof. I do have angles at the top for ventilation which I may close. They are usually only inside at night and out all day. Not sure what they will do in the snow if and when we get any. Should be interesting to see though. I am picking up 3 more 6 week old rouens tomorrow night as thats what I have now.

    I do not leave my ducks out overnight though as predators were my biggest concern. While I live in the country I know raccoons and other predators are everywhere even the cities. That was the reason I built their house the way I did too.

    Glad to have you on the BYC forum! I like your choice of ducks too! Take care!
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    Feb 20, 2013
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    Mine go in the coop every night, year round. It's not insulated but it is tight, no drafts down low where the ducks stay. It gets below zero here in the winter and they're fine without heating. Just make sure the wind doesn't get near them.

    I recommend you lock them up securely every evening well before dark. If you have raccoons in your area, and nearly everyone does, they will kill your ducks.
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    It would be nice if we could loan everyone who has ducks etc a game camera so they could see what all comes around after dark, even in the cities.
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    Jun 3, 2013
    There was an excellent documentary a while back - you can watch it on Netflix - called Raccoon Nation, that every owner of small livestock in the city should watch. Seeing a family of raccoons squeeze into a shed through a really tiny gap in the door was eye-opening for me.
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    Welcome! I am new to owning ducks myself, grew up around chickens and ducks though. We recently got 3 muscovy ducks, a completely new breed to us. they are great ducks, very entertaining....and sooo quiet since they settled down and quit calling for their mom we very rarely hear them, sound a lot like the doves we have here. We built them a large pen about 3 feet off the ground it is 4ftx8ft with a 2ftx2ft attached nesting box lowered down off the pen to keep drafts out, filled with straw to keep them warm. I am on south vancouver island, British Columbia we certainly get snow acouple times in December and January, but it doesn't get too bad out. We have been assured they will be fine in the cold in there. First thing in the morning they get let out of their pen, down the ramp and away they go to eat and swim for the day. We were completely surprised that every evening at 7:30 pm they all get up go up their ramp and put themselves to bed, we then close the door and they are locked in. We have Lots of predators here and would be heartbroken to find one missing in the morning, raccoons always come out at night time here. Enjoy your new pets!
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