Nube Questions... Help Something Is Wrong With My Duck.


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Jan 7, 2012
Hi All! I'm Kathy and I have a few questions but I have one very important one first. I have 5 ducks 4 females and a male. I went out to get them ready for bed gave them their nite time snack came in the house for about 10 mins. went back out and my one female was laying in the hay I have on the ground with her legs behind her. I talked to her for a few so I wouldn't startle her anymore then picked her up. She can move her legs but cannot bend then. Can anyone please help me. I don't know what to do. I am keeping her in the house so she doesn't get hurt anymore.Thanks, Kathy
She could be deficient in B vitamins, which is the most liekly cause for leg issues. You can give her a supplement to get her feeling better, then it'll help to keep her on extra B.

You can buy Brewer's yeast and mix it in their water/food. All of your ducks can have it, as it's a good all-the-time supplement. You don't need a lot. I usually mix 1 lb per 50lbs of food (or like 1 spoonful per gallon of water). If you are comfortable giving an oral solution via larger gauge syringe, you can squirt some stronger water/brewer's yeast down her throat. I'd only do that if you have doe that before. Otherwise just have the brewer's yeast in her food/water and let her have at it. (You can also mix it into some treats you know she likes).

If you don't have access to brewer's yeast (usually found at walmart/feed stores), you can use Niacin (preferably NOT the flush free kind. If this is the only kind you have, you can use it in a pinch, I know I have). You can open up a caplet (or crush a tablet) and mix in food/water for her. While you can give this to all your ducks, it can get a little expensive and brewer's yeast makes for a better "all the time" B supplement.

Hopefully that helps a bit!

I would alsl double check her legs/joints to make sure there isn't any swelling.

Keep us updated!

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Nettie, Thank-You for writing me back so quick. I am going to post a picture so you can see not that it will make a difference but maybe. I have niacin on hand. She's just out of a shallow bath. Would you by chance know what kind of duck she is?
Sorry your girl is injured.

The bath is a good idea, I think. I'm wondering if a bath in which she can float will help her.

It's also possible, since there's a drake around, she may have been injured while mating.

What feed do you use? Do you offer free choice oyster shell or similar source of calcium?
Thanks everyone for your wishes it is so much appreciated. But here's something else weird, Went to give her some niacin and she got up and started walking she seemed fine, she ate, drank, walked around so I eventually put her in the cage in the house and within a few hours she was the same again except this time her legs are real hot and her beak any suggestions on would that would be?

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