Nursing puppy not feeling well, big belly & red bottom


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Nov 13, 2008
Salina, OK
3-4 weeks ago we had a litter of puppy witch we will be giving away {hint hint to any locals
} but one of the little girls was not doing as well as the others and had a red swolen looking bottom. My mother gave her a bit of wormer {going by lbs} She had been pooping, but seemed to be having a hard time. Her belly has been bigger for her size, but was not hard feeling until today. And I have not seen her go...cores with mom there sometimes you can't see it cuz she is doing her job.

I just gave her a bit of mineral oil....if that doesn't work guess I'll have to use some on the other end
poor dear she is my fav too
Not sure what cosed it, she was getting pushed away a lot and mite not have nursed as much there for not getting enough hidration.

Anyone else had to deal with this?
Sounds like it's time for a vet. I would get her an appointment asap and find out what they think. Those symptoms could mean any number of things and it's best if she gets the proper treatment for the specific ailment she has for best chances of recovery.

Be careful with giving wormer so young. Puppies should get wormer that contains Pyrantel Pamoate and they cannot have many types of wormers often used for older dogs (If you used this, then just ignore the next couple comments. It wasn't mentioned what type of wormer was used). That could cause more problems then help at this point. However, puppies SHOULD be wormed early.

If her stomach is hard and she is not pooping, I'm thinking some sort of impaction or severe constipation. At this point where her belly is hard, puppies can go down hill quickly. I would try to withold food (or milk in this case) until you can get her to a vet.
There is a big difference between 3 week old and 4 week old puppies, so a whelping date is important.

I deworm puppies with NemexII starting at 14 days, and yes it is done by weight. I deworm at 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 weeks of age. I also deworm the mother at the same time. Puppies I keep I use NemexII on once a month until they start regular HW prevention at 6 months. I use Ivermectin for HW, so that gets just about everything once a month.

I agree with getting this puppy to the vet immediately.

Please keep your litter together until at least 7 weeks.
I could not remeber the date last night. It was 3 weeks yesterday, they seem older in some ways. The wormer is Pyrantel Pamoate, it says for puppys & dogs 6lbs to 25lbs. It's in a tablet forum, 6-12lbs get one and she gave the pup 1/4.

She is still pooping, I not sure if she ever really stoped, but I'm not sure. A little while after I gave her the mineral oil she went... a lot, and her belly was not hard at all. And with in a few hours it looked more normal for he body size. She seems to be feeling better.
I'm going to call the vet in a little while and see what he thinks tho. If she stays about the same, or still not right for some reason I'll take her in.

And yes we wll keep them together for 7-8 weeks.
It sounds like she is probably doing better then. Calling the vet is a good idea. He can give you more information and let you know if her condition is still bad enough to bring her in. Just keep a close eye on her. If the swelling has gone down and she has been defecating, I would say that is a pretty good sign.
It can be but this is generally in older puppies, not 3 weeks old nursing puppies. At that age it is more often either over eating or constipation.

I also would highly recommend you at least speak to your vet.
I had family come in and forgot to call the vet. And I can't say I see a point in calling now when she is doing so well that you wouldn't even know anything was wrong. They will be 4 weeks old in three days. They are walking like champs, and so cute to watch play. I'm just gonna sit back & enjoy the next 4 + weeks they are here.

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