Nutmeg Lost and Found

Sherlock Watson

Feb 16, 2016
Salish Sea Region
Ok. So this is a little bit long, but it's amazing.
A few days ago, I went out to close up my chickens for the night. I peeked inside to make sure that they were all there, but I saw only three of the five. I was a little worried, but figured that they were just finishing up the food or getting a drink. So I went looking for them. To my dismay, I found a copious amount of feathers by the waterer! Upon further inspection, Amy's body was found under a grapevine. (Amy is a chicken.) I was devastated, because these chickens are my babies and I have raised them from tiny chicks. I was still not sure where Nutmeg was, (another chicken) but I found her bloody tail feathers inside the coop. :(
I looked for awhile, found nothing more of Nutmeg except more feathers, and gave up. However! Two days and three nights later, I was out watering the flowers when I heard what sounded like Nutmeg's clucking. It sounded as if it were coming from the forest, so I went over to check it out. And there was Nutmeg, coming out of the forest! Most of her tail feather were missing, her comb was bleeding and she had a scrape on her foot. Otherwise, she was looking good!
I deposited her back with the other chickens, who were happy to see her... except for my Buff Orpington, Sundance. She saw Nutmeg, and immediately puffed up and charged at her. I suppose it was a reshuffling of the pecking order??

Anyway. In a forest filled with raccoons, foxes, and mink, Nutmeg survived for three nights, and then found her way back. Shout-out to Nutmeg!

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