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Oct 11, 2018
I have some Nutra Drench Goat/sheep and i'd like to know if I can use that for my chickens? I can order the Poultry version but I have a good amount of the other so I wanted to verify. Does anyone use the goat/sheep for poultry?
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I would say there are some slight differences in amount of nutrients between the goat one and the poultry one, but the chicken dosage is 1 ml per every 3 pounds per day.
Just click on each link in post 2 to compare the ratios of ingredients. The manufacturers label are listed.
I did but it just took me to a login page and no way to set up an account. I also used the search bar to see if it would pull up but no luck. I have found Ingredients lists for both and a couple items are on the poultry that are not on the goat drench. I have some stressed babies and I don’t want to try it out on them :( though the alternative is just as bad...
I actually just found the Msds sheets for both products. They are a little different but not too bad, the goat drench is missing an item or two but it seems to change the bioavailability... I hate to try it out on 1 week olds that are weak already :(

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