NW NJ- RI Red Roo and SSH Roo/pair to swap or rehome


Invincible Summer
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Apr 9, 2007
I have a full grown free ranging RI red roo-(beautiful!) who needs a home-he is nice-hasn't attacked anyone (yet) and is just an extra who is bugging my others. I also have another free ranging roo- a pure Silver Spangled Hamburg-he is sooo handsome-a bit flighty and not used to being held-but not mean or aggressive. He runs away from us when we try to catch him.
I'd love to trade/swap them and could include a pure SSH hen to go with them if I could find a Sumatra Roo or Sultan Hen. I have 3 Sumatra hens but no roos, and 2 Sultan Roos and only 1 hen.

What I'm trying to do is end up with pairs or trios of the same kind-Sultans and Sumatras and don't want these 2 free ranging roos hanging around and bugging my penned groups of pure breeds. So even if you don't have what I'm looking for, I'd be glad to give away a roo or two.

Can anyone help please?
Lisa in NJ (near Easton Pa.)
Hello. I really would like one. Please message me at [email protected] or look for my other boards/topics. If you have any eggs I can have that would be better. But anyway is fine.
Sorry- I see you are banned + you have so many posts and want any old kind-any old age. I have to just say- my Roos have been my neighborhood pets- everyone loves them and has feed out for them, so they'd have to go to a great new home- not just any home of any new member who doesn't care what she gets. ....

sorry if that sounds unkind- I just saw all of your frantic posts and wouldn't want to enable you.
If there is anyone else out there who has an established set up and flock- let me know if you want to take them or swap with me.
I hope you find a good home for them. I would swap but the buff orp roo I have needs to go to a house with special needs chickens. he has a crooked foot. I am sorry kat but i think your way to young to own birds. Maybe in a few years you might be able to
Thanks hypnofrogie- they are still available. I hope they go to a good Roo loving home too- they've been like neighborhood pets- but they are just bugging my birds in the breed specific pens now.
I could probably take your RIR, I need a roo for my 5 hens. Does he allow you to pick him up? I just need one that is good w/ being handled.

Oh, and I live near Allentown, so not far away. Thanks!
Hi! Once we catch him, he is ok being held. He's been free ranging for some time now (less than a year) but we can catch him. Why don't you give me some details in a PM about what you have now and some way for us to make arrangements...
ok all- they are still available. merriruka was going to take Red, but has adopted a few chickens who needed a home and a Roo was one of them. So if anyone wants these ones and/or has a Sultan Hen or Sumatra Roo- please get in touch with me.
I would love to take them off your hands as these are two of the breeds I used to own and was fond of but, I wouldn't have any hens for them to get friendly with for sometime and my pens are in the process of being torn down and rebuilt. I hope you find good homes for them. I used to have so many unwanted or extra roosters find their way to my farm one way or another and I know how it feels to try and adopt them out.
Thanks Ace King...
These are still available. Beautiful Roos- if you ask me. Photos available if needed. Also still looking for a Sumatra Roo and Sultan Hen/Pullet.

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