Nystatin and Metronidazole do not work........

crazy huhn

May 24, 2008
I do have a 3.5 years old EE hen who started not to each much about 10 days ago.

She has been dewormed regularly (last in December) and checked for external parasites. She is also not egg bound (checked for that, too).

When I checked her crop last week, I found a large gravel piece in there. The oil method did not work here, so I had to perform crop surgery the same way I did successfully in the past with other chickens. I got the rock out, flushed the crop out several times and flushed out some milky fluid. My thought was that the crop was irritated and she may had a fungal infection, so besides OACV water, baby parrot food with Probiotics I gave her Nystatin (2 cc three times a day). Nothing changed and she did not really touch her food, so after 4 days I gave her Metronidaole as an Antibiotic and 25 mg Fluconazole instead of the Nystatin with some bread. To boost her immune system I also give her a few drops of Polyvisol Vitamins once every day.

She does not touch her food at all anymore. When I pick her up to give her the Metronidazole and the Fluconazole the OACV water runs out of her beak. Is that a sign that her organism has already shut down? She is still interested in her surroundings, so I do not really want to cull her. I guess, I can stop the Antibiotics as it should have shown positive changes already. Her droppings used to be extremely small but normal colored when it all started, now with the Antibiotic she has watery bile colored droppings with urates.

Any ideas, what could be wrong with her or any suggestions on how to get her back on track (if possible) would be highly appreciated.
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Mar 3, 2009
Not sure I can help.. Have you tried feeing her scrambled eggs?? Or maybe oatmeal sonething soft snd easy for her.. I hope she gets better soon...


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Nov 15, 2008
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Not sure if this is true in chickens, but in humans, the drugs used to treat systemic fungal infections are much harder on the body than a drug that will kill a bacterial infection. The pathogen (fungus) is much similar to our body cells than bacteria, so the drug to treat it will also affect our cells to some degree. So, we feel like, um, hecky-doo. It's possible the meds are making her feel bad, but she still needs them. If someone out there has a different idea, chime in.

good luck!

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