nystatin third day

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    Aug 26, 2012
    Hello all
    My gorgeous Rosalie has just had her third dose of nystatin as vet said she had fungal yeast infection.
    She was lethargic and very unstable 10 days ago and after a couple of days of sheer panic we found a vet near us with experience of chickens (thank you hen welfare trust)
    Vet put her on critical care formula to add to water which she drinks very little of and tested her crop...yep yeast infection.
    Rosalie started nystatin on Monday dose 3 today but is only on 1ml daily. Has anyone had experience of the same? She is slowly eating soft pellets and boiled egg yolk but barely touching the water.shouldnt there be some improvement by now?
    We have her in the house in her hospital pen (adapted dog cage) overnight and put her out next to the main coop during the day for company. Her crop felt quite small this morning and when she was offered egg she ate quite greedily but still won't drink.
    I'm sorry this is all over the place we've had our girls 3 years and this is the first time any have been ill! I don't understand how she got ill and am worried as her improvement seems really slow.

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