Nystatin? Where do I get it?

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    How effective is it. I posted earlier and feel that I have a rooster with canker. I am reading more and more conflicting treatment regimes and am soooo confused.. what would be the best way to go about treating.. at this time he is eating ok and unsure how much water he is consuming. I have him separate from others for now. I am going to get a picture on soon .. it gets dark here so fast these days and in my barn lighting not great..

    what are best methods for treating individual chicken.. I am at this time seeing no outbreaks so will start with one.. all concoctions call for medicine to a gallon of water.. way to much for one little rooster.

    I started tonight by putting some no/low sting iodine on outside of crusty/scab area of corner of beak. The spots inside are all along that side of the beak/mouth and are a cream/light yellow. There is nothing down the throat. Nothing on tongue and nothing on opposite side of mouth/beak. He has no discharge from nose, eyes and does not appear to have an odor from the area. I just want to try somethign soon.. I have to order as I don't have anything specific to this type disease on hand. I am gonna give him some yogurt too. Yogurt and Iodine is only thinig I have on hand at this time along with mixed in some vitamins and electrolytes in his water dish tonight.
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