O how I hate my Rabbits...


10 Years
Jul 26, 2009
Chenango Forks NY
Yesterday my white lionhead doe got out of her rabbit coop and down onto the ground of the 'rabbit play yard' with 2 of my bucks...My setup is done so that the cages are in the middle of a large fenced in area that they have supervised access to...

She couldnt have been in there for more then 20 mins or so and when I finally got out there the doe was on one side of the pen and the bucks were on the other....So my question is, What are the chances she got tagged by the males? Do rabbits go into heat and only accept males somethimes like other animals or is pretty much a free for all with them
Rabbits do not run a "heat" cycle. They are induced ovulators and the act of mating causes/stmulates ovulation. Hope your boys are ambivalent or
They only need about 20 seconds, never mind 20 minutes, lol. I had my last doe separated from my buck and they bred through their cages, while both inside (their own cages). unless the males for some reason were uninterested, I am betting you will have a litter in about a month.
lol yea I kind of figured....actually not even sure why I asked as I knew in my heart I was doomed...

So can anyone give me an idea of want sort of babies I could get? The soon to be mommy is an albino lionhead and the possible dads are a tort meatX or a solid black meatX...

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