o no my poor chicken(i think i posted this in the wrong spot)


11 Years
Jan 11, 2009
green co.
my poor barred rock hen is 24 weeks old, weighs about 5 lbs, well she was walkin around outside and she started to squat kinda funny and out came this little black and white round thing(kinda wet), well it didnt seem to bother her, but she was doin it everywhere, it didnt matter where she was,

well this mournin i was watchin her and she sat down and was cluckin like she was gonna die, and layed this chaulky lite brown thing, more oval shaped but, it was real hard what do i do ?
I think i am gonna cull her ?
i sold her to the neighbor, ha ha the jokes on him she lay one of those oval shaped things and he ill fry her up for sure (i guess i shouldnt have sold him a sick chicken though)

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