oak leaves


10 Years
Apr 3, 2009
Hodges, S.C.
is is ok for chickens to eat oak leaves. I had to intergrate some of my chickens today and i made them a hideout with some oak limbs and i wanted to make sure the leaves wouldnt hurt them
Mine live under Red oaks and white oaks and Scrub oaks, I think the oaks a different over here in CALF, but I think you will ok. Make sure they have grit to keep their crops clear.
Shouldn't but if it were many other animals I'd say remove the leaves. Oak is high in tannins which can cause health problems for mammals. As a generally rule don't purposely feed oak leaves to anything. I wouldn't worry about chickens finding them on their own though.
Acorns would be fine. The hulls still contain tannins but animals rarely eat that and it's not nearly as much as what's found in bark and leaves. My stock tanks turn brown and have to be emptied more frequently in the fall because of all the stuff falling off the oak tree and releasing tannins into the water.

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