Oak Trees and Acorns: Safe or Deadly?


9 Years
May 2, 2010
I've been reading and researching trying to find a definitive answer. Some people say it's fine and others say that they're toxic. The reason I'm asking is that I'm considering placing a new coop/run under a big oak and pecan tree. Just don't want to put my chicks in any danger.

You should do some research into the type of oak it is, some acorns are edible (for humans and animals) and others arent. Most acorns need to be leeched, or soaked to get the 'poison' out of them (dang it, I cant remember the name of the poison, arsnic maybe?). Anyways, you dont want them drinking any standing water that acorns may have fallen into, as the 'poisons' can kill them if it has been around long enough (a few days I think)

Our acorns are mostly too big for chickens to eat, and I dont see them eating them, but I guess they could be. I have no idea about the pecans though.
I actually have no idea, but my chicken run and property is covered by various native oaks which let loose tons of acorns every year... the squirrels are big and fat! And all my chickens have been fine.
Aside from getting hit on the head by a nut I doubt the acorns would bother them--mine dig around under our oaks with no ill effects.
Thanks yall!!! This makes me feel so much better as my DH has already dug the dreaded post-holes! Now we can continue on with the project... I figured that the majority of people with free-range chickens were bound to have oak trees around their property. If it was a huge issue we would probably already know about it.

Thanks again!!!

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