"Ob-longger"-"Conehead" to hatch


12 Years
Jul 14, 2009
East central Illinois
I'm sure we all have witnessed strange shaped eggs before,,and being ornamental pheasnt laying season,we kinda wanna at least try to hatch out the few eggs that are donated this time of year. Without hesitation I put this one in the bator,,it made it thru candling check,,now it's time to hatch.I figured it would become a "quitter",but just a few minutes ago I had to band some newly hatched ones,and decided to have a listen for any activity inside,,,and yes,there was small pecking sounds finally coming from inside.It's kinda strange because the week these eggs was collected out of 32,,only about 8 was fertile,,got really cold for many days that week here. So here is a picture of the conehead shaped egg,and by noon tomorrow,I wonder if a cone head Lady Amherst will have emerged?
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