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    I'm obsessed with counting my chickens.

    I'm so paranoid about predators that I'm constantly checking to make sure
    my chickens are all present and accounted for.

    I have to wait a few years before I'm able to get help for this. My flock has to increase
    before I'm able to trade chickens for counseling and medical care. But then I'm going to have to
    keep track of how many I traded and to whom and for what. And then I'm going to have haggle
    because I'm sure that the value I place on my chickens want be anywhere near the market price.
    Now that will force me to try and corner the market and buy up as many chickens as I can(if not all) so that
    I become a chicken tycoon, but that will just give me more chickens to count...

    I need help I got a monkey on my back and its a chicken...
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    Dec 2, 2009
    Sunny side up :)
    LOL. It does teach you to count quickly and in groups [​IMG] I always count mine at bedtime, especially since I lost one a month ago.

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