4 luv of eggs

9 Years
Apr 22, 2010
Westminster, MD
Yesterday when I was checking the food and water, one of my Production Reds was waiting her turn to lay. The favorite nest was occupied by a Leghorn who was clearly ignoring the fact that the box was in urgent need. The PR stands over her and begins poking the eggs that the Leghorn was sitting on. Still no response. The PR starts spinning in circles, then going back and forth, standing over the Leghorn again and then spinning again. Occasionally she would stop and check out the other nestboxes, only to start the behavior all over again. This behavior continued until the Leghorn decided she was done and got down. I didn't even have time to grab the eggs before the PR was in the nest.

I saw her do this same behavior the day before. It so reminded me of a ladies room when someone is occupying the only toilet with toilet paper and someone else has to go really bad. Are there any other OCD hens out there?
I have 12 nesting boxes for 7 hens, but four of them always use the same one. I guess they like it enough to wait their turn! Chickens really are funny people.
i have one hen that just has to use one particular nest box. If it's occupied, she stands there and yells her lungs out until it's free. Not so much fun when you have a broody hanging out in there and have to listen to her for an hour or more.

Aren't chickens interesting?
I have 22 hens that fight over the same box or they insist on sharing a box with others who do not want to have a 'laying partner'! I have one locked up in jail right now because she is OCD about who is in the nesting boxes and if they are not her breed (sex link) she pulls them out by their head.

I need a Chicken Therapist or Witch Doctor or something. Me thinks I need a therapist, too!

Gotta get back out there...I hear a lot of squawking...came in to check for emails I'm waiting on.

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