October Hatch-a-long!


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May 7, 2013
Havelock, NC
I am eagerly watching my borrowed empty cooler-bator to monitor my temp. My Marans Eggs ship this coming Monday and should go in the Incubator on Thursday! This is my first hatch.
I am in for the October Hatch A Long as well.
I have set Mille Fleur Cochin Bantams, Mixed Cochin Bantams, Japanese and some Silkie eggs from my new Silkie pair.
I've got a broody silkie, plus got the 'bator on and just waiting to make sure the temp is stable. This go around I'm doing Buckeyes, Americanas and Bourbon Red turkey eggs. Yes, I know it's probably a little (ok...a lot) late in the year to start raising turkey poults, but I came across someone this past week from the farmers market who happened to have a few fertile turkey eggs available and I simply couldn't resist. They should be feathered out before the really cold weather hits.
Thats all so exciting.

i'd love to see turkeys hatch.

Well, after a 6 hour round trip, i am back from collecting these d'uccle eggs, and came home with a free miscoloured black mottled cockerel (for free)although im not sure his heritage or relation to these eggs..

I managed to come home with

1 X Bantan Light Sussex

5 X Black Mottled ( 4 x produced from roo1 & hen 1,2. And 1 x produced from roo2 and hen3(Show 3rd place)(all hens andd roos unrelated)

6 X Lavender ( produced from 1 roo and 2 hens all unrelated, and despite being a little dirty from the spring rains here, were beautiful birds and quite well feathered. i do have photos if people are interested.

So, after cradling the egg carton all the way home whilst driving, i finally had them home.

Them began note taking with a quick numbering of the eggs on one side, and a letter & number relating to breed or colour on the other, once these details where recorded on paper i then went on to weigh each egg, and also make a brief discription as to colour/tint of shell. Then off to the closet for a quick candle to check the porous-ness (might be a made up word) and once again recording this info.

Finally the eggs made it to the incubator.

Now the hours check and fine adjustments to temp ( as a result of the change of mass inside the bator, having now contained the eggs)


I never really know if this is day 1 or not, but the way i look at it is but hours, so... my eggs are now 2.5 hours into their first day of incubation ( if that makes sense)

P.s. The new cockerel is setting in quite well, but my ol' boy Mr white (the silkie is not so happy)

Cant wait to get updates from others

I want to know,

bator types?

egg numbers?

past success rates?

humidity techniques (dry or not)?

And love to see some photos of setups =D
How many times a day do you all rotate your eggs? My 15 marans get rotated 3 times a day. Read some where that shipped eggs would benefit from being rotated/turned less.
How many times a day do you all rotate your eggs?

I used to hand turn all of my eggs, both chickens and ducks, 3 times a day. But since my last incubator hatch, I picked up an automatic turner, new in box, for a steal at an estate auction so I'm trying it out for the first time. The turkey eggs just fit, although I did have to remove both the tray in front of and the tray behind the one that contains the turkey eggs so the eggs wouldn't "clank" on the adjoining trays. I was worried at first about them tipping completely out of their holes, but so far so good. And the last three days, rather than just unplug the turner, I plan on removing it completely and just lay the eggs on their sides on the mat that's inside the incubator. I don't want to take any chances on them hurting themselves on the turner trays or getting burned if by chance they manage to climb up somehow and get too close to the heating element. I don't worry much (NOT!)

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