October Hatchlings!


7 Years
Nov 4, 2012
We're the new proud owners of two rescued ducks (I think they're Indian Runners). They hatched in late October. We were wondering how long they should be raised indoors- will we be able to put them outside in a duck coop say, in January? Earlier?
Thanks in advance!
It depends on how cold it gets in your area and what type of shelter they will have. If you get cold weather like me then i would wait until they're fully feathered to put them outside for the whole day, but i would adjust them slowly to the cold so you don't shock them. I hoped that helped :)
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transitioning from house to garage to duck house full time about February (outside in their duck house full time) would be a good option. You will need to keep them very sheltered until fully feathered, then can move them to the garage as a transition space for you both.
Thanks, everyone, for your replies. It doesn't get too cold here, but it definitely dips to below 32 sometimes (we never know if we will have snow or not come winter). I think I'll wait until my ducklings are fully feathered. Thanks!

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