Odd duck behavior.....anyone else?

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    Ok so we live right by the Illinois River and we take Floki there all the time. A few weeks ago a gaggle of geese showed up, like they usually do every year, but this time there was a white duck with them. When they came closer to us I could see that it was a female Pekin.

    Now knowing a little about ducks, I knew that this was a domestic breed and my husband and I guessed that she was probly someones pet, and let her go. [​IMG] Plus she would come up to us wanting food. So after a few days waiting for them to come back to our side of the river, we were able to get her, no problem.

    We took her to a place out here called Big Run Wolf Ranch. They have wolves, a bear, tiger, chickens, ducks etc other wildlife.


    Check them out

    But we called after a week or so to see how she was doing and we got the funniest and oddest story.

    When we dropped her off they were walking her back and she was just quacking up a storm, they put her in a pen away from everyone else, where she was to stay for a week to get used to everything and everyone. Well her noise got the attention of the female duck and the male Pekin.

    Their female ran up to the fence right away and the male took off. And their female and their male Pekin have been buddies for years.

    Some how our Pekin got out of the pen, the staff thought "Oh NO!" But she ran straight for their creek, with their female right behind her. They both jumped in the creek and started flapping around making all kinds of noise just having a great time. [​IMG] The staff was awed cuz they acted like they knew each other forever.

    Well from that second on, our Pekin and their female became inseparable. And the male Pekin hasn't been seen since.

    Now they have free range animals and we do have coyotes out here, so it could have just been nature. But the staff is just dumbfounded that the moment their male Pekin heard our female Pekin when she came in, he just booked it.

    So has anyone else had anything like this happen to them....they bring home a new duck and one just takes off?

    Here's Ducky White...((That's what my husband named her....))




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