Odd egg, celadon color with normal pattern


Apr 15, 2020
The snowies have just started laying, today (from last night) I got 6 eggs from 7 hens. I’ve had a couple weak eggs as they’ve started to lay, particularly this one:

These hens all hatched from normal eggs from Myshire, some blue inside, but all normal beige and brown. So I thought, don’t get too excited, it could just be an egg that’s supposed to be blue inside, but came out like this, the hen will probably be laying normal colored eggs that are blue inside. They have oyster shell and egg shell, they’re just starting out, 6/7 is the most I’ve gotten in a day.

Fast forward a couple days I go out today to collect the eggs, and dig around the lights from the snow, unfreeze water etc. I see a very blue gleam from the snowie pen, and I’m thinking another weak egg, nope, fully formed, hard, and patterned blue egg. Here are some pics to compare to other eggs, a close up of a normal celadon from another pen.

these hens have been living with my celadon roo Tiger Millionaire, it will be interesting to see what the next generation lays. Perhaps it’s just an early weird egg from a young hen, I guess time will tell.
I don't have any celadon hens laying eggs right now, but I have had eggs like the one you show above. When I crack it open it is solid blue inside. Most of the eggs don't have the blue tint however. It must be coming from a hen that lays normal looking eggs most of the time.

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