Odd Nesting Spot?

Lady EE

8 Years
May 10, 2011

Today we spotted one of our Easter Eggers hightailing for a patch of tall grass some distance from the coop as soon as the pop door was opened. I found her laying her egg on top of a treasure trove of 11(
)other eggs. After laying her egg, she left. This particular hen has always layed in the nest boxes. She is 1 year old, and shares the 2 nest boxes with 4 other hens. Is she going broody or did she suddenly decide to lay her eggs off the nest box? This is odd, as they rarely go to that side of the house. Thanks!
She's gone rogue! Are the 11 other eggs hers?

Isn't it annoying? Well, if you don't think it is now ya will if it keeps up.

When this happens I lock 'em in for a day or two or ten, until I know the ones laying where they oughtn't are get the point: lay in the nestbox or no outside play for you!

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