Odd poop from a sick chicken

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    May 7, 2011

    I have had my hen on antibiotics and painkiller prescribed by a vet for a week and a half. She has been limping and redness in her leg. It seems to be getting better, at least a little bit. She is also molting so she has been really quiet and laying down a lot so I am not sure if its from the molt or if she is sick.

    The only thing that really seems extra weird about her is her poop. I have seen the poop chart and it doesnt help.

    It is small amounts at a time, and really skinny/small in diameter. The size you would expect from maybe a 2 month old chicken. The "urine" on it is also more yellow than white. It seems greener than I was expecting because she hasnt free ranged much in the past few days.

    Please someone chime in with your thoughts. I just lost my favorite girl a few days ago and have been super nervous about losing another. [​IMG]
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    I would'nt be too concerned.....Just keep an eye on her...As long as it isn't bloody or super water, she should be fine.

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