Odd pullet, advice needed


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Dec 27, 2020
Deep South

This is my first post on BYC, I've read it for years but not posted yet.

We have 4 8 month pullets in our back yard in East Louisiana, two RIRs (Dionne and Mahalia,) and two Red Stars (Florence and Peebles.)

Today, I noticed that one of the Red Stars, Peebles, was acting odd. The pecking order has recently been organized so that she is at the bottom, and as a result of that she rarely socializes with the other birds. She'll stand about a yard or more away from them when they get treats, food, etc:

(She's in the back by the trampoline.)
Her comb has also gotten smaller in the past 3 months and paler. She's molting for the first time right now, so that may be the cause of it. She is usually very outgoing, sweet, and docile with the other girls. She has been laying daily since September 29. We have also had some light freezes here recently, which made the other girls not lay for a bit, but she has continued. I don't have pictures of her poop, but I just cleaned the coop out and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

This is probably nothing, but I just wanted to make sure she was okay. She's our favorite because of her wonky tail:

Thank you for y'all's help!


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All sounds pretty normal to me.
Molting can make them act a bit odd.
Pale combs are normal for birds not laying.
As long as she's eating/drinking/pooping/moving around OK, I'd not worry.
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