Odd Q for our English friends... Little Hale Linc. England

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    Heya all -

    This might be an odd question, but I was wondering if any of the members from England have ever been to or through Little Hale, Lincolshire, England.

    I ask because my GGG Grandfather came from there, and I was curious as to what the town was like. I understand he left behind family who might still live in the area, but I'm not so concerned about connecting (although that would be super cool [​IMG] ) as I am just curious about the area.

    His name was William Ingall (no S on the end of it). I have his parents names, sibling names, etc... for anyone who by some remote possibility might know the family name.

    So, is it a small town? a spot in the road? a larger town? His father was a hedger, so I imagine that it had a bit of farmland around the area.

    thanks -

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