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Okay, this is a weird one but it's bugging me so I have to ask.

Anyone else noticed that upon taking off your brassier that your assets are sore-ish on the sides? This is happening to me as of late, and I am kinda freaking out. It's mostly the right side, which has always been a bit more bulky than the left, so I started checking for lumps and even though I didn't find any I'm still freaking. But, when I started breathing again I noticed it's also on the left, just not as bad. So, thought maybe that indicated it wasn't a lump thing so much as a support thing... and I did just purchase a new one... so maybe that's it.

Anyone else had anything like this? Oh, keep in mind I'm not particularly well endowed, just sorta average I guess. And I just hit 30, so I've yet to have a mammogram. No insurance on me, so don't have a clue where to see about getting one either. Any advice appreciated.

Pretty private topic so I was a little hesitant with this being a family site, but since there was that UTI topic I thought maybe this would be okay. If not no grudges if it's locked by our Modly Ones.
Is the undergarment an older one? Sometimes they get worn out and misshapen by washing machines and the dryer - their seams and underwires can distort. If it's old, toss it and maybe see a professional lingerie place for a true fitting.

Pain is usually not an indicator of lumps unless they are cysts that enlarge and become sensitive during a certain time of your cycle.

I'm sure you're okay.
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Well, I don't hurt - I feel massive relief. I would suggest googling breast health, maybe check Webmd.com. It does not sound normal to me, but then again, I am just one gal.
Oh good. Actually I only have two of them... on is old and quite raggedy... the other is brand new... I think maybe I'll take your advice and splurge on a good fit. I don't think I've ever actually had one. Closest would probably be when I first got the buggers and my mom made me try the darned things on OVER my clothes right there in front of god and everyone... yikes... one more thing I swear I'll never put my DD through!

Thanks for that head's up, and especially the hint about the pain thing, that's what I was sorta thinking, but a second opinion helps a lot!
Any bra usage, prevents the lymph nodes from working properly.
The fluid builds up in them, hence the reason they are sore.
When buying new ones, try and find styles that have a band that fits low, rather then against your pits.

And try to get away from underwires as well.
I'm always sore these days (pregnant), so I can't really help. I would think that maybe your bras are a little too tight or putting pressure in the wrong spots. Try a better fitting one and see if it helps.
Try switching undergarments. Maybe a different style or size. See if that helps. If it continues, I'd have it checked, because this day in age, one can never be too safe.
Thanks Deb for the site ideas and Paula for the buying hints.

This ache sort of reminds me of the feeling I'd get when nursing... I swear sometimes I could almost feel the life being sucked right outta me! But maybe it was just fluid vs pressure issues... but that was a good seven years ago so I can't be 100% sure... I do know it's the same area though...

Think maybe I'll strap on a sports tank for today and see if that helps... at least there's no underwire involved.
The only time I ever hurt was when I would wear bras with underwire. I can't wear those at all or it does hurt. Otherwise no...no pain. Is there redness there or does it seem to hurt UNDER the skin area?

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