7 Years
Apr 22, 2013
A little while ago, I noticed one of my babies rubbing his beak on the bottom of the brooder, and scratching it with his foot! Is this normal? Is he okay? He has stopped now, but I'm still worried, he was doing it for a rather long time.
All of mine scratched at the feeder when they were eating. I assumed it was just hardwired into their brains to scratch. They also wipe their beaks on the floor... or me. They do that to clean their beaks off. Had he eaten anything messy like yogurt?

edit: and they scratch their beaks with their feet too
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oh, ok, thank you so much!!! That's such a relief! Although, he hasn't eaten anything messy that I know of, it's very nice to know that that's normal! I was getting worried!
Cleaning the beak on a rough surface also works to keep it trimmed. Beaks are always growing. The act of sharpening a beak of an adult quail can be a territorial act...saying that "I am in charge here and this is my territory".

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