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    So about a week ago, my girls were out free ranging the back yard area. All of a sudden, the roo went crazy, honking & cackling & carrying on & the girls scattered. I ran out to see what was going on & when all were calmed down, I realized one was missing,Meredith, one of our black sex link hens. Looked all over for her, days went by & no sign of her. We figured an owl or a hawk grabbed her. I was surprised as she was fairly good sized. Well lo & behold, my daughter came home today & went to check on them & feed them & there were 5 little bsl's in the yard. Huh?
    We only had 4 after Meredith disappeared.
    Somehow, someway, she survived & found her way back home. She managed to escape nopt only a predator attack, but survived the last several nights with below freezing temps all on her own. What a lucky girl!!!![​IMG]
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    She was lucky, Hopefully she is also well educated as to predator evasion.
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    Animals are way more smarter than we give them credit for. I'm happy she made it home!
  4. Chickens are also way tougher than any of us give them credit for as Meredith proved.

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