Ode to Chicken Soup!

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    Chicken Soup

    Mama had the secret recipe
    For medicine to comfort me.
    Not antibiotic by description,
    Chicken soup was her prescription.
    Feeling depressed and oh, so blue.
    Chicken soup was right for you.
    And for a newly broken heart,
    Chicken soup could do its part.
    If in bed with sniffle sneezes,
    Fever, aches, or loud wheezes,
    For nournishment at noon or night,
    Chicken soup was always right.
    But, for chicken soup to be expedient,
    Love must be its main ingredient.

    Douglas Torre

    I have a book by Mimi Sheration called The Whole World Loves Chicken Soup. It's Recipes and Lore to Comfort Body and Soul. Lot's of good Chicken Soup recipes and reading!!
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    That made me smile! [​IMG]

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