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  1. :(We FINALLY got some rain (2Ins) here in middle Tenn and now i seem to have a problem with the hen house smelling. I keep fresh hay in the house but since it rained, everything seems to have a ODOR that i didn't notice before. what can i do to keep the odor down, Our local co-op is supposed to be ordering me some DE will that help? The run outside is also pretty wet but since we live on a hill, it runs off really fast, I'm truly thankful for the rain, but would love to get rid of the odor and the fies that seem to have appeared from nowhere.:mad:
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    You can buy sweet pdz or another brand of stall freshner from local feed store. Plus orange guard has a nice smell plus helps with bugs. Ace hardware has started carrying it now. I also dust the coop with de but I have too large a run to use it in. We had a lot of rain this past month and it was starting to smell. As soon as it started to dry up the smell went away thank heaven! it was starting to get to me and I only have 14 chickens in the coop/run area now. Glad I didn't have more then that. Hope this helps you & good luck.
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    wetness in the coop is your #1 smell enemy. Water is what takes the urea in the chicken poop and turns it into amonia.

    DE will help--with the flies too

    Sweet PDZ or it's competitor Stall Dry also work

    I live in the pacific northwest, so keeping my coop dry from Nov-April is a full time job! I built an overhang in front of the coop door. They can "drip dry" a little there before they walk in. It helps a lot. Hay is also worse for the smell as it also begins to breakdown when wet. I'd switch to shavings if you can.

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    Sundance where are you located in TN? I'm in the very northern part of Robertson County on the KY/TN line. We didn't get a drop of rain as of yet. Still praying hard though. The DE works great for odors. My local store didn't have a clue as to what DE was. I had to order it online.
  5. We live on the cannon -dekalb co. line between woodbury and liberty, and boy was i glad to see the rain, when i looked in the rain gage and saw 2 inches of rain i almost did a rain dance. it has been so dry all the hay fields are dead or almost dead, my granddaughter raises horses and she is complaining already about having to buy hay. Almost everyone is cannon co is starting to sell off their livestock because of the hay problems. so hope we have more rain this week. usually it goes around us.
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    Quote:Hi, My sister and her family live in White House, my brother in law, is GM at Imperial in Portland.
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    Hello and Welcome from White County!!! [​IMG] We've been getting some of the rain too..finally!!! Great for the yard but I'm not getting anything done on our main run and coop because of it. [​IMG] DE will be a big help in controlling odor.

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    What is DE? Sorry, I do not know!
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    DE is short for Diatomaceous Earth. It's wicked good stuff. [​IMG] I use it in the coops, in the foods for all our animals, even my cockatiel.

    It's basically little dead sea creatures, lol. There is DE for pools and Food Grade DE. The pool filter stuff will kill. Food Grade DE is safe for us to ingest, if we so desired. It is an all natural insecticide, wormer, it kills ant hills in an afternoon. I love it.

    It's hard to find in my area, someone has an e-mail for the guy at Permaguard who can help you find it locally, I got mine online.

    Hope this helped [​IMG]

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