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10 Years
Jan 25, 2009
I've been gone from here a while caught caught up in The OEGBA web site ,to much in fighting etc. So I'm back
Anyone out there what to talk Bantams? I have OEGB's of course, but I also have Cochins and Call Ducks, Yes they are Bantams. Doves, Pigeons Geese, goats, parakeets and finches! ( draw in deep breath) Kids , Dogs, Cats, Frogs and a few Mouses!
You people seem to be in it for fun. I try to raise the best looking birds I can but I sure don't obsess with it. I know! some of you are also obsessed

Oh there are the smiley faces up there!

Anyway if you talk hit me back LOL:cool:
Welcome Back,
You will find several that bounce back and forth but it's a much more mellow atmosphere here... You should join us in the Okies Thread... We talk about everything there, Chat soon Mike.
Hello Greenscape,I am also on the other forum.I just dont talk very much on that one for obvious reasons.Hope to be able to discuss a few things with you as well.
i figured that the other forum was all about drama... that's why i never joined... especially since i don't back down from a friendly eFight on a forum... LOL...

it's peaceful over here... or at least we try to keep it that way... the moderators are great sometimes... i like it here sometimes...
Good looking little Black.I've got a pair I just started on for a breeding plan. I'll Send a pic later on. Get used to the site again. LOL
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