Of course you realize, this means war!

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    I really really have come to love my chickens. This morning some of my RIR's were taking dust baths. I put some dirt on one, then all the sudden they all wanted it!! They've really captured me. Nobody is going to harm them if I can help it. I’m not taking any chances. While checking out the ladies this afternoon I found something rather disconcerting. Somebody(fox I’m guessing) tried to chew and shove it’s way through the side of my pen. I’m nervous and ready to act. I stuck the gals in the coop when we left for dinner.

    While everybody else was finishing, I strolled over to TSC. I was perusing the fencing stuff when I saw this …… Would it work if I ran the wire 8-10” off the ground? I doubt if a fox stuck his nose on there wire he’d stay there very long….. What do you think?
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    I prefer to run two wires about six inches apart, and start closer to the ground. may as well try to get those skunks and weasles while you're at it.
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    That'll get him. [​IMG] Be sure its a few inches from the standard fence to keep the girls from touching it.
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    I use the same on on our duck coup to keep the bears away. I havent seen any bears try it yet but our dog is afraid to go near it so I would think it will work on fox.
    Like Jenjscott said run a couple of wires 6-8 inches apart keep 1 about chest/nose height of your target species, with another lower to prevent digging.
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    Great idea's folks!! I almost want to buy some night vision cameras to watch!
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    A while back, on BYC, I read that it's a good idea to put pieces of hot dog on the wire to attract the critter to the wire itself. This way it'll learn about the wire quickly and will probably leave your area. But remember, hot wire does not work unless there is a good ground. In other words, if the ground is dry an animal will not get shocked so be sure to water the ground good from the wire and out 2-3' so it will get a good shock. I think I want the fence unplugged for the watering, though. [​IMG]
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