Offered my babies a dust bath

Dina k

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Jun 9, 2013
Recently I asked the question when was the proper age to offer my chicks a dust bath. I want to thank everyone who replied I bought a cat litter box and after reading several other post filled it with play sand. I gave it to my babies this morning and stood back and watched. My babies are two weeks old. I put a brick in front of the box because I wanted to make sure they could get in and out with ease. They started checking it out, then one by one (until they all were in) started climbing in. At first the started eating it. I wasn't sure if I should stop them so I kinda stood back and watched. They all got out but one of my baby Buff's. This was funny. She in the dust box,she is checking it out, walking back and forth as if she where thinking about it. Then she starts to scratch around a bit. The all of the sudden she goes crazy scratching until she had a slight hole dug. She flops down and starts dusting herself. Once she started that all the other chicks noticed. They all gathered around the out side and stood there watching her give herself a dusting. It was like they were saying, "Hey,... whatca doing in there". I wish I had a camera. As long as she was in there, they stood there and watched. She did for some time. When she was finally finished she left the box. All the other chicks kind of gathered around her as if they where trying to she if she was ok or something. Then they each took a turn. I guess Monkey see, Monkey do. I just thought I would share this because I thought it was funny.
Sometimes I glance out in the yard and I see my chickens in mid dust bath or just catching rays. At first I ran out thinking something happened to them but they were fine just playing in the dust, sand or catching some rays in the sun!

It is wild!


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