Ended Official 2020 BYC Halloween HAL - Trick or Treat and Count These Things that are Good to Eat - How Many Green M & M's?

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Aug 8, 2019
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Just in case it's not clear, the contest ends when someone guesses the exact number or 10/31 midnight If no one has guessed the correct number by then, the three closest guesses will be the winners.
In the race to the bottom of the drain.... I tossed a question to @Nifty-Chicken & also Tagged Muddy & Kiki.... I may have missed a reply but, I'm not so sure.
I asked if there was an algorithm setup behind the curtain, to be ready to pounce with a post when the correct number was posted; OR is this a groups or USers that tagteam checkup on numbers posted to them add it to the spreadsheet? This, leaving a obvious delay of upwards or 24hrs before a winner could be posted?

I forgot if I asked this in main of "green" thread earlier this week.

Penny for your thoughts?
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