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Winners Announced Here

This contest is brought to you by our BYC Sponsors
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Short Version: Write a great article and you could win a $30 or $15 Amazon Gift Card & have your article featured on the homepage of BYC!

Detailed Version:
We are constantly amazed at how knowledgeable and helpful our community members are! The BYC forum provides a wonderful opportunity for members to post questions and reply with answers. Unfortunately a lot of really amazing information can get lost in the super activity on the forum.

Over the years we’ve received a ton of requests to add more articles & FAQ’s to our Learning Center. Our BYC Coop Page Contests have been super successful and now we have over 900 chicken coop pages in our Coop Designs section! Hopefully we can have similar success with this BYC Article Contest!!

The Process:

  1. You write an article (or two)
  2. Once we have at least 40 article submissions we’ll set an end date for the contest (at least 1 week notice) Submissions End Date: 3/12/2014
  3. We’ll judge the articles & pick winners
  4. The first 2 best articles will get a $30 Amazon Gift Card & have their articles “Featured” on the homepage of BYC for at least 1 week each
  5. The next 3 best articles will get a $15 Amazon Gift Card & have their articles “Featured” on the homepage of BYC for at least 3 days each
  6. The next 5 best articles will get a FREE 6 month GFM for themselves or a friend

So, if we get 40 submissions, you have a 1 in 4 chance of winning!!!

How To Enter:

  1. Pick a chicken related topic (see below). We suggest writing an article that is not already covered in our Learning Center, but is a topic that would be a good addition to one of the sections in the Learning Center. We have some preferred topics below.
  2. Visit the Member Pages section & Click the “Add a Member Page” button toward the top left of the page.
  3. Create a well worded & detailed title. Example: “How To Raise & Process Chickens for Meat - Tips & Pictures” is much better than: “Meat Chickens
  4. Write a unique high quality article with around 750 words (more is fine as long as it is good / helpful info). It must have at least one picture relative to the subject. Bonus points if you add more pics (pictures are usually worth 1,000 words, but in this contest they are worth about 10 - 50
  5. Post a reply to this thread with a link to your completed article(s) - A maximum of THREE article submissions per member will be allowed.


  1. All articles must be posted in the Member Pages section
  2. All articles must be written by you and must be unique (not copy / pasted from other sources)
  3. Sorry, articles and pages submitted to our last contest will not count for this contest.
  4. All articles must contain accurate information, and must be a minimum of 500 words (shoot for 750+), and should contain pictures relative to the subject matter
  5. Please spell check your article(s)
  6. BYC retains full license of articles submitted
  7. At least 40 articles need to be submitted before the contest ends
  8. Contest is void where prohibited

Here are articles we'd LOVE to see written (bonus points if you use these titles and write a great article about these items):

- Letting broody hens hatch and raise chicks
- When can chicks go to the coop?
- Fermenting food for chickens
- Wound care for injured chickens
- Diagnosing and treating respiratory disease in chickens
- Keeping your chickens safe from predators
- Soft shells and other egg problems - causes and cures
- Vaccinations for small poultry flocks
- Poultry orthopaedics - foot and leg problems
- Turn your chicken hobby into a business
- Things you should never feed chickens
- Free range vs chicken run
- Rehabilitating ex battery hens
- Getting the most out of your hatching eggs
- Prevent and treat frostbite in chickens
- Causes of common chicken problems
- Parasitic worms in chickens - diagnosis and cures
- Egg laying problems in chickens
- Organic chicken keeping methods
- Keeping a rooster or not - pro's and cons
- Diagnosing incubation problems and hatch failures
- Did you know - Interesting chicken facts
- How to prepare a chicken for showing
- Chickens and your children
- Introducing chickens to your dog and cat
- Boredom busters - toys for chickens
- How to treat your chicken's broken leg/wing
- Breeding sex linked chickens
- Good flock management - do's and don'ts
- Things you can do with chicken eggs

These are preferred topics, but you can also write about any other chicken related topic as long as you follow the suggestions and rules above.

Here are some great examples of existing BYC articles:

We look forward to your submissions!!

(Wait, you’re not the writing type? If you have an idea for an article that you’d like to see someone write, please reply with a an idea for a title and a quick description of what you’d like to see contained in the article.)
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