Ended Official BYC Caption Contest 09-25-20 Pic by Rooapalooza


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New rules on judging the winner! In case you missed my previous post,
because there are so many great captions out there we thought we might make this contest a little more fun and full of suspense! We've decided to implement the Random Generator to pick the winner from the top 10 highest rated captions starting with this contest.

1. Reply to this thread with your caption. Multiple captions are allowed, submitted in separate posts. (Only your highest rated caption will be used in the top 10.)

Vote for all your favorite captions using the "Like" button.

Each Friday we will post all eligible captions in order starting with the highest rated. We will then use the Random Generator using www.random.org to pick the winner and will then announce the winner!

So let's get started!

Eligible top 10 highest rated captions in order starting with the highest:

@beluga3858 - Caption
2. @Duckduck_Guz - Caption
3. @Meg-in-MT - Caption
4. @orloffer - Caption
5. @Starburst - Caption
6. @gimmie birdies - Caption
7. @SueT - Caption
8. @deidreg - Caption
9. @Sunshine_Chick - Caption
10. @black_cat - Caption

And the winner is... 20201002_051551.jpg
The other rooster, "Chad" thinks he is so handsome he can stop traffic....I swear the next time he crosses the road....ZOOOM!
Congratulations @gimmie birdies :woot


@gimmie birdies I will be contacting you momentarily on how to claim your prize! :celebrate

New contest HERE!

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In the spirit and memory of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, I Dissent.

BYC set the rules out plainly and clearly. The person that gets the most likes should be the winner.

And, I firmly believe that an honorable mention should go to whomever has posted the wittiest caption, according to the moderators.

Regardless of whether I dissent or not, it was a 🐳 of a good time, and a metric ton of fun!! I can hardly wait until the next one starts.

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