Ended Official BYC Mini Contest—Chicken Art


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Aug 1, 2015
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Congratulations to the Winners!
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And a digital illustration of one of my 10 roosters, Memnoch, to celebrate the year of the rooster!

I’m really enjoying seeing everyone’s work so far!
Edit: The second one won't show in the other post, for some reason...

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This is my entry; it's a picture of my friend's beautiful rooster that I drew (digitally) in MediBang Paint, using mostly the flat brush. :)

These are my entries
I used pencil and watercolor paint for both of them. The first is our old rooster named Roo, and the second is our Black Swedish drake, Bo.

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Tossing my entries in here, why not. :)

@littleprairieheartsfarm’s lovely rooster; ballpoint pen on paper
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Just a fuzzy lil’ guy; watercolor on eggshell
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