Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest - Egg Basket Photo Contest


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Apr 12, 2015
Montgomery, TX
I have been scrambling eggs with the shells for my 8 girls.
3 RIR, 3 EE, 1 White Crested Black Polish and 1 Silver Lace Polish.
Today was my lucky day.
Not only did 8: 8 lay today, but my Silver Lace laid her first White Egg!!!
I was so excited. The other Polish lays a very light cream color.
I am very Happy.
Here is my Longaberger Basket filled with eggs. It worked perfectly.
Taadah!! View attachment 2421885 View attachment 2421887
Yayyy!!!! A white egg or two in the basket makes everything pop!!! I lost my leghorn to a hawk late this summer, and am missing my White eggs!!

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