Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest - Fancy Feathered Fellas Photo Contest


Apr 29, 2020
He's a good looking mix. :)
Thank you! It has been an experiment with my whole flock. When I started incubating this year I wanted to see what kinda mixes would come out so I went for it and so far the buff orpington and white leghorn mixes are by far the most colorful ones, the white leghorn genes tend to drown out a lot of the other chickens genes producing a almost totally white bird with a different comb from the white leghorns. I was hopeful that I would get some blue sapphire white leghorn crosses but I never did... either I could never find the right egg or the white leghorn genes drowned out all of the blue sapphires. Anyways I can’t wait for springtime to come around again, momma mentioned wanting some turkeys, and I want to hatch geese again! Sorry btw for the whole spill on all the genes😂 you didn’t ask for that but I get excited about it!

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