Ended Official BYC Mini Contest - Sneaky Broodies!


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Jun 28, 2011
Tipperary, Ireland
Here are our winners! Congratulations to:

I wish these pictures were better.

This photo shows a turkey hen ducking her head to avoid my seeing her..
After a few weeks of setting on the eggs, she got brave enough to look over the edge of the kayak and watch us. She knew we could not get to her up there.View attachment 1973917

The next photo shows how sneaky this spot is...she is in the kayak, hanging from the rafters of my shed. The rafters are 18 ft above the floor..View attachment 1973921
My hen decided to make a nest and hatch out chicks under a pallet. I put the plastic thing on top to try to keep out the rain.View attachment 1968301
View attachment 1968741 View attachment 1968742 View attachment 1968743
How about a 1/2 gallon fish bowl she could barely fit in. We looked all day for her....
In my rose bush by my front door. Couldn’t find her for days.
View attachment 1971061
@Muscovy Wunda
Hi guys! Scrapping in only just to enter, with my sneaky scovyView attachment 1977509
Thank you everyone that entered! :)
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