Official BYC Poll: How do you name your pet chickens?

How do you name your pet chickens?

  • We don’t name our chickens!

    Votes: 26 7.3%
  • We let the kids name them.

    Votes: 58 16.4%
  • We give them old-fashioned names (Flora, Prissy, Hazel, etc.).

    Votes: 64 18.1%
  • We start their names with the same letter (Bailey, Barb, Beatrice, etc.).

    Votes: 8 2.3%
  • We name them by personality (Sassy, Gabby, Bossy, etc.).

    Votes: 82 23.2%
  • We name them after food (Peanut, Nugget, etc.).

    Votes: 70 19.8%
  • We don’t have a special system.

    Votes: 122 34.5%
  • We name them by appearance (Red, Fluffy, Lavender, etc.).

    Votes: 113 31.9%
  • Other (elaborate in a reply below)

    Votes: 113 31.9%

  • Total voters
Jul 12, 2018
At first it was old lady names or how they looked. We did name 2 of ours Daphne and Velma in memory of our old dog Scooby, plus I just liked those names! Now it varies! I have Pingu (lavender arucana)who looked like a baby penguin when she's hatched. Domino who was a black polish with a white Crest. Lucky the black pekin was named that as she was 3 days late hatching and almost went in the bin! Poot was a sablepoot and made "pootpoot" noises.

Currently I have:
Daphne cuckoo Polish
Velma black polish
Ginger the buff wyandotte
Pingu lavender araucana
Hilary black appenzeller
Eddy light brama
Dora dark brahma
Lucky black pekin
Fern black pekin
Norma cochin mix
Sandy cochin mix

Chicken Alabama

In the Brooder
Jul 19, 2021
It is extremely rewarding to name your chickens, transforming them from just egg-laying machines to house pets.

Despite the fact that there is no shortage of human names, you might want to give your chickens a more creative name. As with people, each chicken has their own unique personality. Chickens also have fine memories. Whenever you call out their names, they will come running, particularly if it is because food is in sight.

So we would like to find out: How do you name your pet chickens?

Place your vote above, and please elaborate in a reply below if you chose "Other". And feel free to share your chickens' names with us as well.

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We name our after 1950, 1960, 1970 country music stars. When country music was still county music.


11 Years
May 23, 2010
I name them after movie stars of the early 20th century and try to name them after actresses or actors from the country from which the chooks originated.( for example, my Houdan roo was named Louis Jordan etc.)


11 Years
May 23, 2010
I name my chickens after movie stars of the early 20th century. I try to match actor/actress country of origin with the breed country of origin whenever possible( For example, French chickens: French actresses’ names).
I had a very “ugly” Easter Egger( crooked beak, a bit cross eyed, unattractive feathers) who I named Rita Hayworth to give her better self esteemLOL! I believe it actually worked….

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9 Years
May 22, 2012
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My Coop
One time I’ll name them for flowers, another Old Jewish Biddy names, or for appearance (a lavender grey rock is Violet, a Speckled Sussex is Dottie). But, my favorites are chicken names: Eggatha Christie, Eggnes Moorhead, Russell Crow or Cluck Norris (for a roo). As new ones are added to the older ones, names become a mix.


Mar 18, 2019
I name them by their appearance, their behavior, or their breed. For example, I have Sammy, the salmon faverolle; Topsy, because she has some feathers standing on her head; Misty, because she is all gray; Easter, because she is an Easter Egger; Clara Clucker, because she is quite the talker, and so on! We don’t name ours until something stands out about them! They are all pets, quite tame/friendly, and so they are each deserving of a name! 🐣🐔


Oct 2, 2021
This is my first home flock and I just used a combination of names that I liked.

My flock is Ginger, Gracie, Lola, Tina, Reba and Dolly.
Reba is a buff Orpington and Dolly is a white/grey Easter egger.

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