Official BYC Poll - New Year New You...Resolution Time!

Pick one or pick a few, it's all up to YOU! Be sure to elaborate down below.

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It's almost a new year and guess what that means?
Time to change something!

What can you change to make a better you?

First selected an option in the poll above then tell me more about why you chose that option.

Anything is possible...ask me what my resolution was last year.

I want details. 🤓

Flock Resoultion poll HERE.

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1. Eat healthier/get in shape. Always has been a struggle for me. As a middle schooler/ young teen I was very heavy. I lost about 70 pounds in high school and have kept the majority of it off. A couple years ago the pounds crept back up and I slowly gained 20-25 pounds. I joined WW and lost it again and have kept it off but it is a struggle to be at peace with my weight/ body image/self esteem. As someone who was formerly very large it is hard to not see that when you look in the mirror no matter what size you are. I have a bad habit of eating when sad/stressed/anxious.
2. Declutter. I am first to admit I have packrat tendencies and need help being organized. I tend to procrastinate and that is the other resolution I am trying hardest to work on.

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