Official BYC Poll: What Is Your Least Favorite Thing About Keeping Chickens?

What is your least favorite thing about keeping chickens?

  • Cleaning out poopy bedding.

    Votes: 127 32.6%
  • Preventing picking and overcrowding.

    Votes: 30 7.7%
  • Keeping one step ahead of predators

    Votes: 63 16.2%
  • Coping with illness/parasites.

    Votes: 152 39.0%
  • Refreshing & refilling the feed and water.

    Votes: 26 6.7%
  • Closing your flock up at night and letting them out in the morning.

    Votes: 22 5.6%
  • Dealing with aggressive roosters

    Votes: 38 9.7%
  • Nothing! I love everything about it.

    Votes: 23 5.9%
  • Other (elaborate in a reply below)

    Votes: 60 15.4%
  • Dealing with death in the flock

    Votes: 161 41.3%

  • Total voters

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Keeping chickens as pets can be a rewarding experience, plus it ensures a regular supply of fresh eggs, keep pests under control and fertilize the garden. However, raising chickens also requires some effort from yourself. So we would like to find out: What is your least favorite thing about keeping chickens?

Place your vote above, and please elaborate in a reply below if you chose "Other".

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Mar 13, 2021
Ozark Mountain Foothills of Arkansas
Although cleaning up poo and coops isn't the funniest thing, my LEAST favorite thing about keeping chickens is having a limit on how many I can keep!

It's not that I can't keep more on our 15 acres, it's just that I know I'll have to add more coops and having more than 100-120 chickens seems overwhelming... it's so hard not to keep chicks or introduce new breeds! Lol


Fluffiest In The Flock
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Dec 4, 2020
Death, that is my least favourite part of keeping chickens. Even if you didn’t have an attachment to the chicken you lost it’s just heartbreaking listening to your others chickens cry out for them. It’s even worse when one of your mother hens loses her child and then they sit around crying for them.


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Jul 23, 2018
NY Southern Tier
My Coop
My Coop
Hands down: death of the birds. I feel too strongly and get attached to the birds the more I interact with them in a one on one basis. That is usually when they have some issue that requires extra attention.
When I decided to get chickens I had this crazy notion that we'd harvest the hens when they were in their second or third year and replace them with new pullets. Yeah, right. My older girls are my favorites! I'm most attached to them.
As for the poop, I'm a weirdo. I love cleaning the boards every morning and composting the load. My veggie garden is absolutely amazing!

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