Official BYC Poll: Why Do You Incubate/Hatch at Home?

Why Do You Incubate/Hatch at Home?

  • I haven't tried it yet!

    Votes: 22 14.7%
  • To get the highest quality breeds.

    Votes: 24 16.0%
  • To develop new varieties/crosses.

    Votes: 31 20.7%
  • To witness the miracle of hatching.

    Votes: 70 46.7%
  • To educate and inspire my children.

    Votes: 26 17.3%
  • To know my chicks from the moment they hatch.

    Votes: 52 34.7%
  • For the super rare breeds I can't get from hatcheries.

    Votes: 22 14.7%
  • To control all medications, vaccinations, feeds, etc.

    Votes: 11 7.3%
  • So my broodies can become mothers, and raise the chicks naturally.

    Votes: 46 30.7%
  • Other (elaborate in a reply below)

    Votes: 27 18.0%

  • Total voters


In the Brooder
Oct 1, 2021
I hatched my first batch of chicks via incubator earlier this year. We're doing this for mostly financial reasons -- including so our farm can be more self-sustaining.

I am also interested in the genetics. We started with RIR rooster and RIR + PBR hens, and I'll be selling some of the pullets soon.

With the next batch, we'll be adding a RIR rooster, Speckled Sussex rooster, and maybe a Buff Orpington rooster from this year's meat bird order.


Dec 9, 2019
Holly, Michigan
I "used" to incubate. Primarily because my wife will not let me cull my herd naturally, or by selling?giving any away, and i am trying to only hatch two specific breeds.
however it is so much simpler for me, and safe for my baby chicks to let a broody hen do the heavy lifting.
I am no longer in a seemingly constant fight to break a broody hen. I no longer have to worry about youngsters being killed by the flock, or the time lost caring for a brooder house. Now all i have to do is let my chickens be chickens and wait for that magical bird that causes my wife to say; "don't you think we may have too many chickens".. I still cannot get rid of the old ladies that i want to rehome. But i think time may be on my side. All i have to do is outlive about 7 hens that range from 3 to 10 years old. lol
Wait a second - didja say you want to rehome your “old lady”???

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